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Friday, July 15, 2011


"There's Another You Out There"

During the the previews that preceded Tree of Life, which is a whole other post in itself, I was literally deafened by the preview for Another Earth.  With fingers crossed I will declare...Finally, a movie to be excited about.  I will concede that my excitement could be entirely about the song that literally carries the preview: "To Build a Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra.  I will always return to this song.

But, I think there's more. I find a pattern in my gravitation toward this film.  One of my favorite, and in my opinion undervalued, films of 2010 was Never Let Me Go.  A film that could also be coined as science fiction, but deals solely with what it means to be human.  It seems these startling templates allow for further and deeper exploration of our human condition. A postmodernist's dream.

There's already a website dedicated to the idea of the movie, Meet Your Other You,  In fear, dread or something else entirely I have not experimented with actually meeting my "other me."  It requires a webcam, and potentially a sense of humor.  If they are brilliant, I am sure the image I would find would indeed just be me staring right back at other me.  We all have one.  Like many other things in life, I have no desire really to follow this logic to it's conclusion I just enjoy the idea that it might exist.

Another me.  I hope she's reckless with life.  I hope her mistakes mirror mine, and her pain is more.  I hope she is free and fights, and lingers on the absurd.  I hope she lives life from end to beginning, and wakes up with words and art on her tongue.  I hope she blogs more than I do.   I hope I never meet her.

Though we call this genre of art and thought science fiction, it is truly the most human thing we can feel.  

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